Ivi Navarrete is an American producer and director with over 30 films best known for “After Three Years” (2013), “Boss Babe” (2016), and “Memories and Moments” (2021). Ivi has international experience as some of her movies have been filmed in other countries such as the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland, including her most recent film “Memories and Moments” that was filmed in the U.K, France, and the U.S, other international films are: “Paris Shoot” (2017), “Isla Bonita” (2017), “La Bella Italia” (2018), “A Ranch in Paris” (2018), “Cancun Adventure” (2018), “Swiss Adventure” (2019), “A Taste of Munich” (2019), “I Luv Barcelona” (2020), “A Taste of Madrid” (2020), and “Europe Adventure” (2021).