Ivi Navarrete is an American producer and director with over 30 films best known for “After Three Years” (2013), “Boss Babe” (2016), and “Memories and Moments” (2021). Ivi has international experience as some of her movies have been filmed in other countries such as the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland, including her most recent film “Memories and Moments” that was filmed in the U.K, France, and the U.S, other international films are: “Paris Shoot” (2017), “Isla Bonita” (2017), “La Bella Italia” (2018), “A Ranch in Paris” (2018), “Cancun Adventure” (2018), “Swiss Adventure” (2019), “A Taste of Munich” (2019), “I Luv Barcelona” (2020), “A Taste of Madrid” (2020), and “Europe Adventure” (2021).
Ivi exhibited her Photography collections At the Charity Festival of Healing Arts and Talents in Los Angeles in 2016. Also in New York, the Hamptons, and Hollywood since 2006. She was featured in April 2012 by East Hampton Star, Hamptons Art Hub & The Independent for her exhibition at Art Groove Exhibition at Ashawagh Hall.
She is the author as well as producer of Dream Gallery Books, a unique 4 book series, the last of which will be released in April 2013. Ms. Navarrete was crowned Ms. California Universal Dream Queen in June 2012.
Also, Ivi Navarrete is the former owner of Epiphany Designs, Inc, An internet jewelry business. Ivi’s quality pieces are sold in a limited quantity, with attention to every detail. More about Ivi’s business and design story can be found in Fashion Capital U.K., February 2008 Edition.
Ivi Navarrete has a strong background in finance working for small businesses for Five years and Fortune 500 companies for more than ten years.
An accomplished poet, Navarrete has been published in London, Spain, and the USA. Her poem “Lord Help me Triumphant in Life” was selected as one of the best poems in 2004 by the International Society of Poets in the US. This poem was distributed around the world as part of a CD in a Unique Collection of The Best Poems of 2004. Navarrete’s unique qualities haven’t been overlooked by some of the Nation’s highest politicians either. Ivi was the recipient of the Reagan Congressional Commission Award in March 2008 and the Congressional Medal of Distinction was given to her at the NRCC Dinner Featuring President Bush in Washington, DC in June 2008.
Navarrete’s contributions to charities have included donations of several jewelry collections over several years: she has also been very active in several New York and California charities where she rolled up her sleeves and went to work preparing for events and selling tickets. She received an award in 2010 for her Humanitarian work in New York by Orphans International Worldwide (OIW). She was featured by the New York Society in the summer of 2008 for sponsoring Protect the Oceans Worldwide (Oceana) at an event held at Christie’s in New York. Involved personally with many societies figures she has been invited and has participated in several high-end events in New York, the Hamptons, and the West Coast. She was featured in January 2010 by the Diversified News in Los Angeles, and in April by Examiner.com, an online paper in Los Angeles.

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